Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009


Recently, there are few cars being clamped. I penah la kena skali :P. If I'm not mistaken, last year. But I'm not sure which month. To avoid being clamped, one should buy season parking which is RM50/month or coupon parking's booklet which is RM30 for 10 days(RM3/day). I used to ngelat beli season parking & coupons parking for almost 2 or 3 months I guess. Ended up, kena clamp la kan. Melayang RM50 tuk buka clamp je. *sigh*

Sorry for low quality picture. Taken using Motorola L7.

Iftar with friends

So, last Saturday Bee & I had an iftar with old school's friends back in Shah Alam at Pak Su's Corner. It was last minute plan & only 17 people confirm to join. Quantity doesn't matter, but the quality time we spent made us remind all sweet memories. The last iftar we had with them during Form 3 (1998 - last duk kat hostel. Pastuh cabut balik Serdang & Bee masuk sekolah teknik).

Updates on cookies:
I made shortbread cookies. Hehehe. Gila susah nak reassemble cutter lepas dah ceraikan satu-satu. Abis kena sumpah seranah (dalam hati je la kan). Dari 1 adunan sampai 3 adunan I buat. Rasa macam tak menjadi je. Baru buat sekali, nak kena buat byk kali baru betul-betul menjadi kut. Itu pun kalau gigih. Tradition cookies plak, buat 1 adunan je, sebab dah malas nak tggu smp abis. Klau buat 2 adunan mau sahur baru siap. Mana taknya start buat kul 10 mlm.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Mini Project Tonite

Huhuhu.. ada apa pada tajuk post kali nih?? Hehehe.. That is my status @ Facebook. Yup, that title can have double meaning. But the truth is, I'm going to make and bake cookies tonite. Last year, I only made 1 type of cookies, but mom got more than 2 I guess. Lupa dah ok! So, this year, as usual I will make the tradition cookies (ceh! tradition mean every year must have that cookies) plus another cookies. Dah siap nanti, I kasi up okeh?

Yesterday, my baju kurung moden sudah siap and guess what? I don't think that baju suits me well. Adeh, 1 keja plak nak kena oter bagai (>.<) Thats only happen when you tempah your baju with an amateur tailor. Dia tak amek ukuran pun and I just give baju contoh. Salah I jugak sebabnya baju contoh tuh jatuh terletak, tp kain yang nak buat nih, xjatuh terletak. Macamana tuh? (garu-garu kepala). Haruslah I tinggalkan baju tuh dengan tailor lain dan amek lepas balik dari kampung nanti.

Moral of the story, tempahlah baju anda dengan professional tailor. They will measure you and sometimes give an input about the design. Tapi professional tailor tak semestinya butik yang gah2. Tak sanggup nengok kain yang kita beli cantik2, akhirnya tailor salah buat atau tak sedap dipakai. Nyesal xsudah.

~Aunty Adeeb with Baby Anees~

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Mak accident. Mujur tak cedera, Cik Kem kemek ckit tang pintu. Mujur pintu belakang, bukan pintu belah driver. Bukan salah mak waima driver lori tuh. Ini semua gara-gara blind spots semasa memandu. (lagi besar kenderaan, lagi besar blind spots nye). Tapi, driver lori tuh kena la alert ckit (bukan driver lori je.. pemandu-pemandu yang lain pun kena alert jugak psal blind spots nih). Pas accident trus g antar bengkel. Ketuk mana-mana yang patut. Nak tunggu claim insuran, amek masa berbulan-bulan. Baiklah buat sendiri. :P

Blind spots, in the context of driving an automobile, are the areas of the road that cannot be seen while looking forward or through either the rear-view or side mirrors. Blind spots can be eliminated by overlapping side and rear-view mirrors, or checked by turning one's head briefly, or by adding another mirror with a larger field of view. Detection of vehicles or other objects in blind spots may also be aided by systems such as video cameras or distance sensors, though these are not common in automobiles sold to the general public.

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