Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dim Sum Treat

Today my team got a Dim Sum Treat from our beloved HD a.k.a Mr. SV. The team wasn't so big, its only 7 peps in 1 team. The HD, 3 Sr. SE, 3 SD. At first I want to drive all the way with Niza, but then Kim offer her self to drive. So, Kim drove, Eli co-pilot, Niza & I just sit back & relax.. Hehehe..

All turned up at the Holiday Villa, Subang around 9:30am. It just 7 of us in the restaurant at that time. But then as time goes by the restaurant became full. Theres steamed dim sum, fried dim sum & also buffet. As for me & Niza we didn't try dim sum before. Not bad. Even the filing of the pau taste a bit different.

I didn't take any photos during mkn2 time, because of HD as usual sit in front of me. But hey, after mkn2 we melawat2 kwsn & took few photos.

There was a new movie called "Apa Kata Hati". Heres the poster. I wanna share a story that are related to my colleagues..

My colleagues are Eli, Aidiel & Linda.. The funniest thing is that Aidiel & Linda are hubby & wifey.. But Eli is not Aidiel girlfriend. Hehehe. I didn't realize this until Choon Kit showed me the poster from his hs. We laughed all day long.. He said hes gonna watch this movie. Me also. Perhaps with my hubby or I'll go alone since I got free ticket from GSC. Thank you GSC!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Birthday Cards

I just received 2 birthday cards. 1 is from Jusco & the other 1 is from Michelle Lazor. Of course it comes with few coupons & its valid until 31st July. I remembered the last time i received it was 2 years ago. Apsal Jusco? Lupa ke birthday sy?? Even I rarely received newsletter esp. JCard Member's Day. But its ok with me as long as I got updates from your website.

So guys, can you give me any suggestions what presents should I get for my birthday? Hubby keep on asking, but still didn't think of it yet..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wedding Invitations..

Our weekend gonna be pack for this coming summer break.. (ada summer ke kat Mesia nie??) Until today, I've already got fews wedding invitation cards from my primary school friend, secondary school friend & Buzznet TR4 friend which mean we're OFFICIALLY invited. Theres also UNOFFICIAL invitation which is I didn't get any card, but just messages thru friendster.

24th May - MUST attend
Tuk Anjang's daughter @ Gombak

31st May
Nadiah Yaakub @ Bandar Baru Bangi - MUST attend
Hazarini @ UPM
Nurul Huda @ Serdang

1st June
Nor Izadira @ Tmn Uni, PJ - MUST attend
Ashraf Ilham @ UPM

7th June - MUST attend
Ramizah @ Klang

8th June
Asrul & Yosheena >> Korg wat kat mana? Aku blom dpt kad lg..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Since today is Mother's Day, I'd like to wish

Happy Mother's Day
to my MOMMY, my MIL
& all MOM in the world!!

Love both of you very much
thanks for everything!!

“No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you - life”

Friday, May 2, 2008

Personal Make-Up Workshop

Yesterday Kak Chik a.k.a. my bridesmaid & I attended these workshop. The workshop was organized by Azzalynn's Bridal, Aromatherapie & Beauty Parlour @ Melawati 2, Hotel De Palma, Seksyen 19, Shah Alam. We do have the basic skills but we wanna polish our skills by using the KRYOLAN products. Products that "Mak Andam & Make-up Artist" always use.

As for me, I've learnt about make-up in 2002. But frankly speaking I rarely applied it. I just put on moisturizer, loose powder, compact powder, blusher & lip gloss. When I wear contact lense, I'll put on eyeliner & eyeshadow. As for Kak Chik, I know she had the skills. Why i said so? Because shes my makeup artist during Majlis Bertandang @ Skudai. & both of us do the self makeup on our Engagement Day.

Theres about 30 participant. I guess most of them from Selangor & KL area. They've 2 speakers. Both of them are sisters & came along with them another 3 makeup artist who will assist each group while the speakers "demoing" at the stage. I also met my lovely KH's teacher, Cikgu Anis. Shes now lecturer @ Fakulti Pengajian Pendidikan, UPM. I adore her so much since I in Form 2.

With Cikgu Anis

Lets enjoy the piccas..

~The cousins~



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