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The Accidental Couple

Huhuhu.. cite nih abih smlm & smlm balik dari klas pun lmbt.. xdpt nak ngk ending.. nak kena ngk kat tenet la gamak nye.. Kat bwh nie review psal cite nih..

The KBS2 drama "The Accidental Couple" aired its final 16th episode on June 18, which saw a happy ending where Han Ji-soo (Kim Ah-joong) and Gu Dong-baek (Hwang Jeong-min) married for real.

Dong-baek asked Ji-soo to end their contract marriage and divorce him, but Ji-soo said, crying, that she did not want a divorce. He told her, "I was dishonest. Now that I have really gotten to love you, divorce will not be an end but a new beginning. I want to divorce you so that I can start all over again with you. I want to be your real lover".

Dong-baek was subjected to criticism from his sister as well as his colleagues and Ji-soo's fans, who even attacked him so severely that he had to be hospitalized. But all these obstacles made Dong-baek and Ji-soo love each other more, and they enjoyed dating secretly and spending other time together.

In a press conference later to announce her divorce, Ji-soo confessed that she had married Dong-baek under a six-month contract but that she had really come to love him and would not divorce him. There, she proposed to him, and they kissed. And they had another wedding amid the blessings of relatives and friends to become a "real" couple.

The episode ended with Ji-soo and Dong-baek's narration saying, "The six months we first wished would pass in a flash has changed us all. It seems we have grown up a bit. Now we know where true happiness comes from".

Viewers expressed their impressions on the drama's web board, saying that they continually smiled while watching it and felt happy after each viewing. They said they were fortunate to watch such an entertaining drama.

Actor Baek Seong-hyeon, who played Han Sang-cheol, Ji-soo's brother, also wrote his feeling about being part of the drama. He said, "I feel as if I will still live as Sang-cheol when I get up tomorrow morning, going to my sister Ji-soo's home. I feel proud of our drama because all the staff and casting members gave it all they have, and am honored to be a part of this heart-warming, happy drama".

Meanwhile, "The Accidental Couple" will be replaced by "The Partner", which deals with the life of young lawyers at a law firm. It stars Choi Cheol-ho, Kim Hyeon-joo, Lee Dong-wook and Lee Honey.

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Decisions are easy when values are clear

The Choice...
You awaken and immediately decide, it's going to be a great day or you decide that it's not.

You drive to work and the car next to you suddenly cuts you off, you can choose to immediately respond with understanding or with anger.

You get to work and your boss tells you about a change in operations that will happen next week. You can choose to be excited about the opportunity or fearful of the change.

Later in the day, you are asked to lunch by a couple of new guys from another department. You can decide to make new friends and go or be small and kindly decline.

Before you leave for the day, you receive an email about giving to an annual charity campaign. You can choose to give freely or hold on tightly.

When you get home, your toddler asks you to play 'batman and monsters.' You can make the choice to join in the fun or refuse.

At dinner, the dog jumps on your lap again, who let the dog in anyway? You can choose to be patient and calmly let the dog outside or you can show your frustration and fatigue.

After dinner, your oldest child brings in his math test, he earned a 'B.' You can choose to encourage and recognize the effort or tear him down by asking why it wasn't an 'A.'

When you go to work in your shop later in the evening, you can choose to wear PPE and work safely or you can make the choice not to wear it.

At bedtime, as you turn off the light, you can choose to tell your spouse what he/she means to you or you can keep quiet.

What kind of day would it have been if you chose the former in all cases?

What type of day would it have been if you had decided on the latter in all situations?

In these cases there are not any 'rights' or 'wrongs' just simple choices. The hidden secret of life however is that we are a product of the simple decisions we make each moment. Each day we make hundreds if not thousands of choices. We make a conscious choice for happiness, leadership, a smile, love, kindness or generosity. Or we just as easily opt for smallness, fear, anger, resentment, bitterness or hatred.

So, what type of day is it? The choice is up to you...

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Clarify Your Values by Brian Tracy

Decide What You Stand For
What are your values? What do you stand for? What are the organizing principles of your life? What are your core beliefs? What virtues do you aspire to, and hold in high regard when you see them demonstrated by others? What will you not stand for? What would you sacrifice for, suffer for, and even die for? These are extremely important questions that are only asked by about three percent of the population, and that small minority tends to be the movers and shakers in every society.

Write Out Your Key Values
When I first began this values clarification exercise some years ago, I wrote out a list of 163 qualities that I aspired to. I think I eventually came up with every virtue, value or positive descriptive adjective that referred to personality and character in the dictionary. And I agreed with all of them. I felt that they were all important and I wanted to incorporate every single one of them into my character.

Focus On A Few Core Beliefs
But then reality set in. I realized that it is very hard to learn even one new quality, or to change even one thing about myself, let alone dozens of things. So I scaled down my ambitions and began narrowing the values down to a small number that I could manage and work with. Once I had settled on about five core beliefs, I was then able to get to work on myself and start making some progress in character development.

Select Your Five Key Values
You should do the same. You should write down the five values that you feel are the most important for you to live by. Once you have those five values, you then organize them in order of priority. Which is the most important value in your hierarchy of values? Which would be second? Which would be third, and so on?

Learn To Make Better Decisions
Every choice or decision you make is based on your values. Whenever you decide between alternatives, you invariably choose the alternative that you value the most. Because you can only do one thing at a time, everything you do is a demonstration of what you consider to be the most important at that moment. Therefore, organizing your values in an order of priority is the starting point of personal strategic planning. It is only when you are clear about what you value, and in what order, that you are capable of planning and organizing the other activities of your life.

Action Exercises
Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action:

First, clarify your core beliefs and your unifying principles. Write them down and compare your life today with the values that are really important to you. How are you doing?

Second, organize your values in order of their importance to you. Which of your values is most important? Which is second? And so on. Do your current choices reflect this order of values

p/s : I just wanna share with u guys what I've learned in my OB class and how I wish Bee were sitting besides me in the class.. **sigh**

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Summary for first week of class

After about 2 and half year leaving "school", once again I registered as a student, postgraduate student at Graduate School Management(GSM), UPM. Being a part-time student in the evening and full-time working from 8am till 5pm, hopefully it wont melunturkan semangat sedia ada. Even sometimes I felt a bit down and thanks to Bee for being really supportive.

So, on Monday there was a short briefing for new postgraduate student consists of MBA, MM, MSc, and PhD. Plg ramai of coz la MBA. From FSKTM I jumped to GSM and for sure, theres no one I know. Nvm, I can make friends later. Noted that only 20++ taking MM. Lol..

For this semester I'm required to take only 3 subjects, Organizational Behaviour(OB), Accounting for Decision Making(AfDM) and Operation Management(OM). All core subjects for management and text books also provided. F.O.C. I bet its only for core subject. Meanwhile for specialization subject have to buy by your own self. **sigh** Theres a lot of discussions, presentations and assignments too. Gambatte!!

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Jenis-Jenis Isteri Yang Cantik

Isteri yang cantik itu ada beberapa bahagian:
1) cantik di mata suami, tidak cantik di mata orang lain
2) tidak cantik di mata suami, tetapi cantik di mata orang lain
3) cantik di mata suami, juga cantik di mata orang lain
4) tidak cantik di mata suami, tidak cantik di mata orang lain

adapun yang pertama: beruntunglah sang suami itu. kerana dia akan selamat dari sifat cemburu orang lain terhadap isterinya. dan beruntunglah sang isteri. kerana akan sentiasa disayangi oleh suaminya dan selamat dari gangguan orang lain.

yang kedua: keadaan ini agak bahaya. kerana isteri akan kehilangan minat suaminya. tambahan lagi isterinya terdedah kepada kegilaan orang lain. suami pula tidak cemburu.

yang ketiga pula: keadaan ini juga tampak bahaya. suami terpaksa berjaga-jaga dengan kegilaan orang lain terhadap isterinya. suami pasti mempunyai kecemburuan yang tinggi.penatlah sang suami.di pihak isteri, beruntung. cintanya, sayangnya akan terus dipertahankan oleh suaminya dari dirampas oleh orang lain. menjadi kayu ukur kecintaan suaminya kepadanya.

yang terakhir itu: suami tiada berminat dengan isterinya. namun dia tenang kerana tiada ancaman cemburu dari orang lain. di pihak isteri, dia akan kehilangan kasih dan perhatian seoarang suami namun selamat dari buruan orang lain.

walau apapun pandangan di atas, jika masing-masing pasangan menjadikan agama sebagai kayu ukur, maka akan bahagialah suami dan isteri. akhlak suami dan isteri itu terkesan dengan agama. sabar, jujur, ikhlas, pemurah, pemaaf, memahami dan sebagainya. begitu juga keputusan-keputusan dalam rumahtangga yang juga terhasil dari kefahaman agama.

Credited to Mrs. Joy

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