Monday, April 20, 2009

Chocolates activity during weekend...

~home made chocolate~

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4 days 3 nite stay at PD

Day 1 - 11 Apr 09

Actually, we didn't plan to have a holiday in PD. Not in this month, perhaps June. Dah alang-alang department Bee organized family day, so we extend our leave just to have a break & spent the quality time together. There were a lot of activities & Bee was one of the AJK Sukaneka. X menang pun.. lol :P

Day 2 - 12 Apr 09

Today we had a banana boat ride. A bit extream. Dah la jauh gila org 2 bwk, dgn lajunya dia wat lap.. adoi.. 3x cobaan tuk menjatuhkan kami, 2x je I jatuh.. hehehe.. Hebat x hebat, dok lawan arus, xnak bg jatuh punya psal.. Dah le xtau berenang, dalam plak tuh!! tsk..tsk..tsk..


~me - jd model jap~

So, we check-out about 12 noon & straight away headed to The Legend Water Chalet. Bleh salah jln.. :P pegi ke arah batu 9, padahal tmpt nie kat batu 2. Bila dah jumpe tmptnya, patah balik g batu 4 sbb nye check-in kul 3. Kat batu 4 ade kedai bundle baikkk punyee (eh, cam nie ke ejaan die??). Blom kuar dr kete, ujan lebat selebatnya.. Berlari-lari anak la kami lol.. Not bad.. Sgt besar & byk pilihan, sbb ada org tuh borong xhengat :P Siap kena perli lg.. Dah siap byr, ujan xbhenti2 jgak. Nak xnak kena redah je hujan sbb dah nak kul 3.

Smp hotel, blum kul 3 jgak lg, tp g jgak check-in. "Your room are not ready yet.." Ok, bleh terima dek akal pikiran sbb masih blum kul 3.. Tunggu punya tunggu kul 3:30 pun xsiap kemas bilik lg. Adoi.. xphm btul.. G tny balik kat receptionist, ada sorg staff suh tukarkan je bilik lain. dah 2 xkan nak tggu bjam2 plak kat c2.. lol.. dah la xmesra alam.. xlayak jd receptionist.. smpkan ade customer lain yg tny kat c2, dia bleh wat derk je..

Day 3 - 13 Apr 09

Today, we had our breakfast at Bangi Kopitiam, Bt 4 Saujana Walk, PD. We want to get few souvenir, but all souvenir stall are closed. I guess its only open on weekend. Weekdays mana ade org sgt.. Dah xdpt cari souvenir, pegi round PD town, boring.. Org PD jgn marah kek den yo.. Ponek pusing, pi mai pi mai tang tu jgak.. Hr nie pun ujan lebat selebatnye.. Kojenye tido je.. ZZzzZZzz..

Day 4 - 14 Apr 09

We had our breakfast & fish feeding at the balcony. Before check-out, we snap2 again.. hehehe..

After check-out, we planned to go to GSM, UPM straight away as I have to hand in my master application. But then, I changed my mind & called my dad asking about "Cendol Leman Dawi". So, from PD we headed to Rantau - Sg. Gadut - Senawang (semata - mata nak pekena cendol). What so special about this cendol? You pay once & you can add the cendol, sugar, ice for free. We have cendol pulut, yummilicious :)

Cendol Biasa - RM 1.00
Cendol Pulut - RM 1.50
Cendol Kacang - RM 1.50
Cendol Jagung - RM 2.00

p/s : harap maap, ayat tunggang tebalik.. :P

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I just back from Studio W - All Women Fitness Studio in Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. Since they're having their open-week, Ajue a.k.a Mak Incik invited me to join her in Jazzercise. What I like about Studio W is that all instructors are women & it is only for women. So, we can wear whatever we find comfortable. I mean, masa bersenam 2 bleh la bukak tudung. Tp bukanlah dah siap2 xpkai tudung dr umah.. lol..

Jazzercise combines elements of dance, kickboxing, resistance training, Pilates, & yoga. Centered on Cardio, Strength and Stretch, it is an effective 60 minute total body workout. To be honest, I'd prefer to do the Jazzercise rather than go to the gym. But, why I feel that it is similar to Dance Workout with Helen's DVD? Its my mom's DVD anyway :P

I want to join the Jazzercise, but the location is too far away & I can go there only on Saturday. The fees are reasonable & I don't think theres any places that open for women only.

~ Losing weight, keep fit ~

Friday, April 10, 2009

How about you??

Me?? Always 100% for EVERYDAY a.k.a. EVERY SINGLE DAY.. **sigh
I'm not saying that I'm over-rajin, but we're out of resources.. tsk.. tsk..

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