Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello 2011

Its been a while since I made an entry here. Hope its not to late to wish Happy New Year 2011 to you readers out there. Yes, you!! Any accomplishment for 2010 resolution? I know, its already end of January, so I shall not say about it anymore. But, I do have my own resolution for 2010.

  1. Alhamdulillah, I just finished my CE. Hopefully it went well. NO need to repeat any paper and can proceed with convocation.
  2. I'll start back my business with the support of the LEADERS. Hopefully, no turning back.
  3. Alhamdulillah, I've change my job for about 3 months now. Its all about better opportunities ahead.
  4. Lose weight? I managed to lose weight by using PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL. But now, since I'm on medication, I've put on weight. Hopefully, PB can control and maintain my weight.
  5. Thanks to MD3C. I join the Android training program and I got myself an Android Smartphone & Pinkish Dellicious laptop.
  6. Holiday? To tell you the truth, I have to go on holiday for every 3 month, just to rejuvenate my mind & body, so I can focus on my job & business.
  7. Self-development? I had attend two seminars organized by Dr. Az!zan Osman. Other than that, nada!
How about this year resolution?
  1. Convocation with two line on the robe. It will be around October 2011 if I'm not mistaken.
  2. Settle all my PTPTN loans. (Jangan dah abis bayar baru dapat kontrak pembayaran ujrah!)
  3. Focus on businesses.
  4. New and roomy car, perhaps! When I join any bazaar, its hard to bring all the equipment in a compact car.
  5. Buy another properties for long-term investment.
  6. Lose weight. (will have it every year :P)
  7. Holiday, holiday, holiday.
  8. Deco, deco, deco.
  9. I'll write more and more.
  10. Had a complete set of Sophie Kinsella's and Cecelia Ahern's books.
  11. Join any self-development program.
  12. InsyaAllah, having a baby.

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masz14 said...

adeeb, kalu ada bazaar lg bgtau aku. kakak adil jaul baju muslimah online skarang. dia cari tpt nak jual baju dia. haritu yg huiyo bazaar tu aku ada bgtau dia tapi ada wedding kazen pulak so takleh nak gi tgk..

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